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Bio-Graft™ Grafting Tapes
Code Size Description Quantity
20BT 20mm x 100M Grafting Tape
30BT 30mm x 100M Grafting Tape
40BT 40mm x 100M Grafting Tape
50BT 50mm x 100M Grafting Tape
40PRT 40mm x 50M Plant Repair Tape
30BST 30mm x 50M Bonsai Tape
BTMA Standard Tape Applicator
BTC Standard Tape Cutter
Bio-Graft™ Grafting Tools
Code Size Description Quantity
BK01 170mm All Purpose Knife
BK02 173mm Budding Knife
BK03 173mm Gardener Knife
BK08 180mm Gardening Knife

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Bio-Graft 30mm tape applied to apple root stock

Repair tape applied to a broken main branch

30BT tape applied to top grating on a Red Spy apple tree

30BT tape applied to a top graft on a Red Spy apple tree